COASTAL CATERING, LLC, located in Houma, Louisiana, provides remote site catering and housekeeping services from coast to coast. These services are offered to the offshore industry including: drilling rigs, large construction vessels, production platforms, and land camps. Land camps are managed to support major onshore projects, such as turn-arounds, expansions, and outages which complement over 1000 people. 




Our responsibility is to supply our customers with stewards, night cooks, galley hands, groceries, & supplies when and where they are needed. For safety and customer affirmation, all of our employees are PEC trained, drug screened, and   must pass a physical examination. Coastal's management is comprised of experienced staff members that have worked in the offshore industry since the early 1980's. These individuals are focused on maintaining, as well as developing, new relationships with our customers to understand and fulfill our customers' needs to the best of our ability.                      








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"great food and good service is not by chance"